California Musicians Support AB 1199 With Live Performance at the Capitol

New legislation will save jobs for California film and TV musicians

SACRAMENTO, CA (May 18, 2015) — Today members of the American Federation of Musicians from Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco hosted a live musical performance and press conference outside the state capitol in support of AB 1199, a bill proposing changes to the Film & Television Tax Credit Program they say will bring more music work to the state.

Musicians addressed the significant negative impact our community is experiencing by the continued loss of musical scoring work out of California. A brass quintet kicked off the event by performing cues from beloved motion picture and television shows from soundtracks recorded in the state to highlight rich contributions to these industries made by California musicians. Scores recorded from Los Angeles to San Francisco include such historically important films as “Singing in the Rain,” “Wizard of Oz” and ”Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” to modern classics including “Frozen,” “Jurassic Park,” “Up,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and TV shows “Bonanza,” “The Simpsons” and “Mad Men,” among countless others.


AB 1199 author Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian speaks at a press conference in support of legislation to create more jobs for California musicians. Photos: Linda A. Rapka

Immediately following the concert, a press conference with Assemblymember Nazarian, Los Angeles AFM Local 47 President John Acosta, San Francisco AFM Local 6 Secretary/Treasurer Beth Zare, and professional working musicians focused on the effects of loss of scoring work out of state, and how AB 1199 can help reverse this trend.

“The magic of movies is remembered by the music,” said Assemblymember Nazarian. “When ‘Jaws’ roars onto the screen, it’s the music that flutters your heart. We need to support our homegrown talent in Los Angeles. This tax credit will ensure the creation and production of our musical magic remains and thrives in Los Angeles.”

“If California can recoup some of this lost work with the amending and passage of AB 1199 to create a carve-out model for musicians, not only would musicians reap benefits, so too would the state,” said Local 47 President John Acosta, who has been working closely with Nazarian on the bill. “It is estimated that for every dollar a musician earns, $4 is put into the California economy. That’s pretty good bang for the buck. What’s good for California musicians is good for all Californians, and AB 1199 would provide a sorely needed economic boost to the state.”

AB 1199 is endorsed by The Recording Academy Los Angeles and San Francisco chapters, American Federation of Musicians Locals within the California Conference, American Society of Music Arrangers and Composers, Society of Composers & Lyricists, UFCW Local 770, all AFM Locals in California through the California Conference, and hundreds of supporters who have signed an online petition in support of the bill.

Speakers at the press conference included Assemblymember Nazarian, Local 47 President John Acosta, San Francisco Local 6 Secretary/Treasurer Beth Zare, and Los Angeles musicians Clifford Tasner and Christy Crowl. The Hollywood Brass quintet (Andy Malloy, Sarah Bach, Marty Frear, Dustin McKinney, and Doug Tornquist) traveled up from Los Angeles. Present at the event were AFM members from San Francisco Local 6,  Sacramento Local 12, Los Angeles Local 47, and Regional Mexicano Traveling Musicians Local 50.