Charles Billingsley: ‘It’s Christmas Time Again’

For his upcoming album “It’s Christmas Time Again,” Charles Billingsley flew in from Virginia specifically to use L.A. union musicians and singers, and a great L.A. studio to record full big band, orchestra and choir.

The sessions were recorded in Spring 2017 at EastWest Studios in Hollywood with the following AFM members along with vocalists:

Big Band
Tony Guerrero – Arranger, Trumpet, Celeste, Contractor
Tim Davis – Producer
Bill Cantos – Piano
Mike Scott – Guitar
Dave Enos – Bass
John Ferraro – Drums
Bob Sheppard – Alto Sax
Jeff Driskill – Alto Sax
Mark Visher – Tenor Sax
Brian Scanlon – Tenor Sax
Sal Lozano – Baritone Sax
Jamie Hovorka – Trumpet
Chuck Findley – Trumpet
Charlie Peterson – Trumpet (Local 7)
Larry Hall – Trumpet
Tony Guerrero – Trumpet Solo
Ryan Dragon – Trombone
Francisco Torres – Trombone
Charlie Morillas – Trombone
Craig Gosnell – Bass Trombone

Tiffany Coburn – Vocals
Fletcher Sheridan – Vocals
Andrew Kesler – Vocals
Dan Rigall – Vocals
David Loucks – Vocals


Tony Guerrero – Arranger, Trumpet, Celeste, Contractor
Tom Brooks – Conductor
Lisa Dondlinger – Violin
Ina Veli – Violin
Ashoka Thiagarajan – Violin
C. Mei Chang – Violin
Amy Wickman – Violin
Daphne Chen – Violin
Gina Kronstadt – Violin
Marisa Kuney – Violin
Erik Rynearson – Viola
Rodney Wirtz – Viola
Leah Katz – Viola
Ginger Murphy – Cello
Ira Glansbeek – Cello
Ellie Choate – Harp
Sam Webster – Percussion