Fight for $15 on April 14th 

Workers are fed up. Fed up with companies like McDonald’s that rake in billions each year while workers can’t make ends meet.

Fed up with impossible choices – between paying bills, feeding our kids or just keeping a roof over our heads.

And we won’t be ignored any longer. On April 14 across California, we’re standing up for $15 and union rights. Will you be there with us?

YES! It’s time for $15 and union rights. I want to stand with workers on April 14!

We are already winning this fight. We’ve won $15 in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. 11 million Americans have won raises since the Fight for $15 began three years ago.

We can’t stop now. Join us on April 14th to show that California supports $15 and union rights – for our state and for all working Americans.

Click here to sign up for more information on actions you can join on April 14th.

See you on April 14th!

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