Final Note: Cecil D. Hill

Life Member. Saxophone
4/26/1931 – 12/12/2018

Cecil Dale Hill was born in San Antonio, Texas, April 26, 1931. He passed away December 12, 2018. He was a father of six children and is survived by his beloved wife Margaret. He had nine grandchildren. And the great-grandchildren are still coming!

Cecil had many professions over the course of his life: from his time in the Navy band during the Korean War, to his years on the road with the Claude Gordon Orchestra, throughout his tenure as a business agent for the Musicians Union Local 47, all the way to his time as a Deputy Labor Commissioner for the State of California.

No matter what his profession, or where the road of life took him, Cecil was always first and foremost a saxophone player. Sure he sang, he acted, but what he truly loved to do was play his horn.

2 thoughts on “Final Note: Cecil D. Hill

  1. Frances Hill

    You did a great job Dale,I concur my dad loved to play his saxophones. His saxophone’s were at the center of his life always. He played Alto & tenor sax & also played clarinet & flute ,but the saxophone was always his most favorite of all.

  2. Frances Hill

    Great job Dale. I concur,my dad loved to play his saxophone,. he also played the Clarinet & the Flute as well. I remember he used to teach Saxophone at Hanich’s Music Store. He played 2 kinds of Saxophone Tenor & Alto ..Music was his whole life.

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