H&W: Eligibility and Enrollment Mailings Begin in November

Professional Musicians, Local 47 and Employers’  Health & Welfare Fund


The Professional Musicians Local 47 and Employers’ Health & Welfare Fund (“Fund”) will soon be determining eligibility for benefit coverage effective January 1, 2017 through December 31, 2017. Very important contribution and enrollment information will be mailed out by the Fund to each participant of record and musicians who have qualified for coverage based on employer contributions for work performed during the Fund’s 2015/16 Qualifying Period (October 3, 2015 through October 2, 2016).

If you have qualified for enrollment and you wish to enroll for health insurance coverage through the Fund, you must timely complete and return the enrollment information that the Fund will be mailing to eligible participants. If you don’t complete and return this enrollment package on a timely basis to the Fund, it could negatively affect your ability to enroll or qualify for coverage with the Fund. If you have moved within the past year or you are new to the Health and Welfare enrollment process, PLEASE verify your address with the Fund’s administrative office.

To verify your address you may call the Fund at (818) 243-0222 and ask to speak to one of the Fund’s Member Service Representatives. However, and in order to ensure accuracy, we do request that change of addresses be in writing. You may send your change of address request to:

Professional Musicians Local 47 and Employers’
Health & Welfare Trust Fund
c/o PacFed Benefit Administrators
1000 North Central Avenue, Suite 400
Glendale, California 91202

Please add you Social Security number to allow us to properly identify you in our system.

Although you may have notified AFM Local 47 (“Local 47”), of an address change, that information is not rout01inely passed on to the Fund, so you should confirm the Fund has your current mailing address and contact information on file.


October 2nd is the end of the Fund’s qualifying period for determining eligibility for the coverage year January 1, 2017, through December 31, 2017. The Fund will make its eligibility determinations in early November, 2017. Once eligibility has been determined, enrollment information/forms will be mailed to those musicians who the Fund has determined to have attained eligibility for coverage effective January 1, 2017, through December 31, 2017.

All eligible participants must respond as soon as possible, as delaying the submission of your enrollment form and/or the required co-premium amount may impact your coverage and benefits.

If you are working out of town during the months of November or December, please make arrangements to ensure that this information does not sit unopened in your mailbox or agent’s office until you return. If applications and premiums are not returned timely to the Fund office, you will not be enrolled and there is no guarantee that the Fund will approve any appeal for late enrollment.