Kevin Kaska: ‘Inferno for Orchestra’

Kevin Kaska: ‘Inferno for Orchestra’

Recorded at Sony Pictures, Culver City, California, August of 2018, this piece, composed and conducted by Kevin Kaska, was performed by the Recording Arts Orchestra of Los Angeles — all members of the American Federation of Musicians Local 47.

American composer, arranger, record producer, and conductor, Kevin Kaska is one of America’s leading young musical talents. He has worked on over 100 movies and his orchestral compositions and arrangements have been played by over 80 symphony orchestras worldwide.

View footage from Kaska’s “Epilogue from Christopher Columbus Suite” here.

Recording Arts Orchestra of Los Angeles

Belinda Broughton, concertmaster
Mark Robertson
Neel Hammond
Joel Pargman
Amy Hershberger
Radu Pieptea
Carrie Kennedy
Lisa Liu
Marisa Kuney
Jackie Brand
Clayton Haslop
Marisa Sorajja
Elizabeth Johnson
Rhea Fowler
Paul Henning
Nina Evtuhov
Sam Fischer
Grace Oh
Kathleen Robertson
Loránd Lokuszta
John Wittenberg
Dianne Rammon

Rob Brophy, lead
Shawn Mann
Luke Maurer
Andrew Duckles
David Walther
John Moerschel
Kate Reddish

Andrew Shulman, lead
Cecilia Tsan
Giovanna Clayton
Armen Ksajikian
Charlie Tyler
Dane Little
Helen Altenbach
Barry Gold

Ed Meares, lead
Chris Kollgaard
Geoff Osika
Trey Henry
Thomas Harte
Steve Dress

Dave Shostac, lead
Sara Andon
Johanna Borenstein

Lara Wickes, lead
Michele Forrest
Chris Bleth

Don Foster, lead
Dan Higgins
Ralph Williams

Judy Farmer, lead
Paul Curtis
Samantha Duckworth

Andrew Bain, lead
Amy Jo Rhine
Gregory Roosa
Laura Brenes
Teag Reaves
Steve Becknell

Jon Lewis, lead
Rob Schaer
Daniel Rosenboom
Ryan Darke

Alex Iles, lead
Andy Malloy
Steve Trapani
Craig Gosnell

Dave Holben

Don Williams

Greg Goodall, lead
Wade Culbreath
Ted Atkatz
Brian Kilgore
Dan Greco

Gayle Levant

Robert Thies

Music Produced by
Michael Valerio

Engineered by
Chris Fogel

Mixed by
John Chapman

Video Shot by
Shaina House & Aaron Doolittle

Video Edited by
Shaina House & Benjamin Scholz

Recorded at
Sony Studios, Culver City
Barbra Streisand Scoring Stage