Musicians Support WGA

AFM musicians from coast to coast are supporting our Writers Guild colleagues in their strike. Their goal is our goal; winning fair and livable compensation from the same huge film/TV studios we will be negotiating with later this year.

Marking the first WGA strike in more than 10 years, writers walked off the job on May 2 after talks between WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers came to a standstill.

Members and leadership of the AFM in Los Angeles, New York and elsewhere have been joining writers and other allies on their picket lines at various locations throughout the duration of the WGA strike.

Local 47’s new organizer Rahul Neuman hit the ground running — quite literally: “It’s been an eventful start as the new Organizer for AFM 47; my second day on the job the WGA went on strike and I joined other AFM members on the WB picket line, supporting the writers,” Neuman said. “It’s been really fun and truly a pleasure meeting other members on the picket line. As a lifelong musician myself, I have enjoyed taking part and hearing the conversations between musicians and writers sharing how similar our struggles are, fighting the same fight.”

“At several of the actions, the writers and other activists have been energized by AFM members bringing their diverse talents, playing music at the picket lines,” continued Neuman. “The cross-union solidarity is inspiring, and I’m excited to continue organizing with members around the strike, in solidarity with the WGA. I hope to meet more members on the picket line. Here are some ways you can continue supporting the writers: come out to a picket line, follow AFM 47 socials and action alerts, and contact me to talk about different ways we can build power and engage membership as we go into our contract campaign.”