Access More Talented Musicians and Clients From Outside Your Local Market

A message from our friends at Sessionwire:

Sessionwire is a video and audio app that connects you live with clients and producers anywhere, using the recording software you already know and love. You can truly enhance your production network and expand your reach as a musician, producer or songwriter by connecting with Sessionwire.

With this new collaboration tool, you can save a ton of time and money on travel and studio bookings. Opening the door to the large world of musicians and producers allows you to find work and talent a lot easier. And who isnโ€™t tired of the painstaking mix review, back-and-forth process?!

Some main features of Sessionwire are:

  • Both sides can use any recording software they want!
  • Full HD video and studio-quality audio on Sessionwire
  • 90-Day money back guarantee and free 14-day trial! Risk = Gone ๐Ÿ™‚

Kevin Williams, a member of Vancouver AFM 145, and his team at Sessionwire have just redesigned their homepage and made it super easy to connect with their team and learn more about recording, mixing and writing โ€” remotely. AFM 47 members get a 50% discount! Simply contact the team at to claim your discount. 

AFM Local 47 members are advised to ensure that all of your recording engagements are filed under AFM agreements. Please contact our Sound Recording Department at 323.993.3130 for assistance.