SoCal Labor Celebrates National Day of Solidarity

More than 20 AFM Local 47 musicians turned out to the Day of Solidarity march and rally outside of Disney Studios in Burbank on Aug. 22. Thousands of union members, labor leaders and community supporters gathered to deliver a singular message to the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers on behalf of striking WGA/SAG-AFTRA members: “We are not backing down!”

Stephanie O’Keefe, President, AFM Local 47

AFM Local 47 President Stephanie O’Keefe joined a stage full of labor and community leaders, and proud union members, to deliver a powerful speech to a crowd of thousands in support of striking writers and actors who are standing strong in their fight for a fair contract.

“When [employers] try to tell us we aren’t all that important, we know one thing for certain – they are lying. For we create what they cannot… We will stand shoulder to shoulder for as long as it takes, demanding dignity, respect, and the acknowledgment of our true value.” Watch O’Keefe’s full speech here.

Writers Guild of America members have been on strike since May 2, and SAG-AFTRA since July 14. The unions’ chief issues include pay raises, viewership-based streaming residuals, and guardrails against the use of artificial intelligence. The AFM’s contract with AMPTP expires this November, and musicians are organizing with the Fair Share For Musicians campaign in preparation for our negotiations.

Joely Fisher, Secretary-Treasurer, SAG-AFTRA

Martin Sheen, member, SAG-AFTRA


Kerry Washington, member, SAG-AFTRA


Ron Perlman, member, SAG-AFTRA

Yvonne Wheeler, President, LA Fed

Lindsay Dougherty, S/T, Teamsters Local 399

AFM Local 47 musicians