‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Score – In Review

For the first time in the film saga’s epic history, the music for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was scored here in Los Angeles with AFM Local 47 musicians. Dan Redfeld, AFM Local 47 member, classically trained composer, conductor, orchestrator and pianist, shares his review of the film’s score.

We’ve all been waiting to hear what the Maestro, composer John Williams, has fashioned. The reports of the sessions beginning in June and lasting until November have been plastered everywhere. What kind of things were we going to hear? Will the score feel like “Star Wars”? Are the themes catchy?

For me, the score is nothing short of miraculous and a testament to why Mr. Williams is the greatest American composer this country has produced since Bernstein or Copland. He’s 83 and shows no sign of resting on his laurels. The music is complex, thematically driven, impeccably orchestrated, passionate, sinister, heart-wrenching, beautiful. It’s definitely written in his later period style (which began surfacing in the ’90s): an intricate harmonic structure, the high xylophone/woodwind riffs during action sequences which make the music cut through sound design, detailed counterpoint and a sense of assuredness of a master craftsman operating in top form. Continue reading at listen-la.com

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