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October 2023 Overture Online: Hollywood’s Enduring Legacy

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  • COVER STORY: Hollywood’s Enduring Legacy
  • General Membership Meeting: Monday, Oct. 23
  • Member Spotlight: Bruce Dukov Performs Record 1,900th Motion Picture Score
  • WGA Reaches Tentative Deal; Musicians Prepare for Our Turn
  • Book Review: ‘Music for Prime Time’ by Jon Burlingame 
  • Auditions: New West Symphony, Bay Philharmonic, Long Beach Symphony
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Now More Than Ever, Union Contracts Can Help

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought our industry to a complete halt, and even as we are socially isolated from one another, we are suffering together both economically and artistically.

But we are a diverse union. Our members include musicians who compose, prepare and perform music in an incredibly wide variety of fields, from theater and club work, symphonic, opera and ballet, film, television, sound recordings and other recording work — if it involves music, at least some of us are doing it as part of our livelihoods Continue reading

Congratulations 88th Annual Oscar nominees!


Congratulations to all of the musicians, composers and music prep personnel who created the music on all of the following Oscar-nominated films scored here in Los Angeles!

5 nominations including Best Picture
Scored @ Conway

6 nominations including Best Picture & Best Original Score: Thomas Newman
Scored @ Deep Sleep

1 nomination
Scored @ Warner Bros.

2 nominations including Best Animated Feature Film
Scored @ Warner Bros.

5 nominations including Best Original Score: John Williams
Scored @ Sony Studios

1 nomination
Scored @ Mason Sound & Sony Studios

1 nomination
Scored @ Warner Bros.

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Score – In Review

For the first time in the film saga’s epic history, the music for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was scored here in Los Angeles with AFM Local 47 musicians. Dan Redfeld, AFM Local 47 member, classically trained composer, conductor, orchestrator and pianist, shares his review of the film’s score.

We’ve all been waiting to hear what the Maestro, composer John Williams, has fashioned. The reports of the sessions beginning in June and lasting until November have been plastered everywhere. What kind of things were we going to hear? Will the score feel like “Star Wars”? Are the themes catchy?

For me, the score is nothing short of miraculous and a testament to why Mr. Williams is the greatest American composer this country has produced since Bernstein or Copland. He’s 83 and shows no sign of resting on his laurels. The music is complex, thematically driven, impeccably orchestrated, passionate, sinister, heart-wrenching, beautiful. It’s definitely written in his later period style (which began surfacing in the ’90s): an intricate harmonic structure, the high xylophone/woodwind riffs during action sequences which make the music cut through sound design, detailed counterpoint and a sense of assuredness of a master craftsman operating in top form. Continue reading at listen-la.com

Check out Dan’s full film review of “The Force Awakens” here.

New Line Cinema signs AFM Basic Theatrical Motion Picture Agreement


Exciting announcement this week from the American Federation of Musicians:

New Line Productions, Inc. (New Line Cinema) has become the latest film studio to sign a contract with our union.

New Line Cinema signed onto AFM’s Basic Theatrical Motion Picture Agreement that sets wages, working conditions, healthcare and pension contributions for musicians working in film recording, sidelining and music preparation. The agreement also requires theatrical motion pictures produced by New Line Cinema in the United States or Canada to be scored in the United States or Canada.

The addition of New Line Cinema as a signatory to our Film Agreement will result in additional session work, health and pension benefits and residual payments for musicians employed in the scoring of motion picture soundtracks. This development is another positive step in our campaign to preserve and protect employment standards and to prevent the offshoring of sound recording work in the film industry.

– via afm.org

#listenLA spotlight: Heroes in a Half Shell


Brian Tyler scores big on the new “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie

The latest reboot of the classic “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” film series boasts an orchestral score by Los Angeles composer Brian Tyler and a 70-plus piece orchestra contracted by Peter Rotter.

On the famed Eastwood scoring stage on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, the scoring sessions took place over several days in June.

Read more and check out photos from one of the recording sessions at listen-la.com!

Hollywood Seeks Sharper Teeth for Film and TV Tax Credit Program

Supporters say new legislation to beef up California’s existing tax incentive program will help stem runaway production and bring more music scoring work to the state

by Linda A. Rapka

Actions shining a spotlight on California’s hemorrhaging film and TV industry continue to garner widespread support for new legislation that would sweeten the state’s production tax incentive program.

Hundreds of Californians affected by runaway production attended a series of demonstrations in recent weeks pushing for the passage of AB 1839, which supporters say will help stem runaway production and put Hollywood back on the map as a leading player in the film and TV production industry.

photos by Linda A. Rapka

photos by Linda A. Rapka

Continue reading