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New Line Cinema signs AFM Basic Theatrical Motion Picture Agreement


Exciting announcement this week from the American Federation of Musicians:

New Line Productions, Inc. (New Line Cinema) has become the latest film studio to sign a contract with our union.

New Line Cinema signed onto AFM’s Basic Theatrical Motion Picture Agreement that sets wages, working conditions, healthcare and pension contributions for musicians working in film recording, sidelining and music preparation. The agreement also requires theatrical motion pictures produced by New Line Cinema in the United States or Canada to be scored in the United States or Canada.

The addition of New Line Cinema as a signatory to our Film Agreement will result in additional session work, health and pension benefits and residual payments for musicians employed in the scoring of motion picture soundtracks. This development is another positive step in our campaign to preserve and protect employment standards and to prevent the offshoring of sound recording work in the film industry.

– via afm.org