Still standing with SAG-AFTRA video game workers seeking a fair contract


Musicians join with striking SAG-AFTRA video game workers in a picket line outside of Insomniac Games in Burbank Nov. 17, 2016.


SAG-AFTRA members continue to strike against several video game employers. AFM musicians have joined hundreds on three picket line protests, and will continue to do so in support of voiceover and motion-capture workers seeking a fair contract. 

“We as professional musicians will support our SAG-AFTRA counterpart in their fight for fair and safe workplace terms agreements,” says Local 47 member Andy Moresi. “The gaming industry has undergone its second or third boom and terms need to be updated accordingly. Yet, the working relationship between entertainment companies and the talent they employ to generate their products predates the industrial revolutionary by millennia and isn’t going to change. For this reason alone I believe a strong agreement will eventually be reached. So please help spread the word about this issue.”

Our greatest strength is our unity. We join SAG-AFTRA’s fight for video game performers #PerformanceMatters. Stay tuned to updates at

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