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Relief options for musicians: unemployment, disability, paid family leave & more

CA Employment Development Department (EDD)

If you have experienced canceled work services or reduced hours —whether or not you are a W2 employee — or you need to stay at home with your children due to school closures relating to COVID-19, you may be able to file a claim with the California EDD. Click here for full information to review your circumstances and how to apply for benefits.

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Why Should You File for Unemployment Benefits?


by Lewis N. Levy, Esq.

Even the off-handed mention of filing for unemployment benefits sends most professional musicians scurrying for cover. Filing for unemployment benefits conjures up thoughts of waiting in long lines, dealing with unresponsive bureaucrats, and requires an understanding of the process. But what is most critical to any successful claim for unemployment is a finding by the California State Employment Development Department (EDD) that the musician (or other employee) seeking unemployment benefits is, as a matter of California law, a statutory “employee” of his/her employer, as opposed to a finding that the claimant is an independent contractor. Continue reading