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Final Note: Fred Koyen

Note TreeFormer Life Member. Trumpet
(4/17/1938 – 4/29/2016)

by Jack Redmond

Fred, Freddy, or Derf, which was his nickname, died on April 39. His death was unexpected, and a huge loss to the very many who knew and loved him. Fred was one of my oldest and dearest friends, my buddy, my pal. He was like the brother I never had. He was a fine lead trumpet player, and a great pleasure to sit in front of on a band. Continue reading

Final Note: Jimmie Haskell










Life Member. Composer
11/7/1926 – 2/4/2016


Music staffs on white paper,
A whole note for the string bass,
The pen continues to write its notes,
Next sixteen semiquavers seem to race.

These are tools of music on paper,
By an arranger in great demand.
Whether it be for a large orchestra,
Or just a very small band.

Now suddenly the pen stops,
The arranger has reached his Coda.
His final note has been written,
From his hand the pen drops.

The arrangements he has written,
Will be played on and on,
He will be missed by many,
Yes Jimmie Haskell has gone.

– David S. Gold