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Over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians to be Archived


ProMusicDB.org Announces Plan to Archive Over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians With ‘Make Musician Credits Timeless’ Fundraiser

ProMusicDB.org announces their “Make Musician Credits Timeless” fundraising campaign, seeking support for three archiving projects that will integrate over 300,000 Music Credits of Los Angeles Musicians into the ProMusicDB.org platform.

“Music is timeless in the digital age. Therefore, the acknowledgement of the people who created and performed music should be timeless as well,” says Christy Crowl, Founder and CEO of ProMusicDB.org. “We believe that by archiving musician credits and their digital artifacts in the ProMusicDB.org platform, we are preserving a valuable piece of our culture in history, and empowering a more personal connection between the music we hear every day and the musicians that create it.” Continue reading

By the Artists, For the Artists


ProMusicDB calls for first-ever artist-controlled database for music credits

In the digital age, controlling one’s music credits, identity and legacy is more challenging than ever before. Many organizations have tried—and failed—to serve as a central online music credits resource.

Why have none of these organizations succeeded? For starters, none are willing to put the control of credits in the hands of the artists themselves. It’s only fitting, then, that an artist would develop the most promising solution to date: ProMusicDB.org. Continue reading