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Special Election results: Secretary/Treasurer, Hearing & Election Boards

At our April 24, 2023 Local 47 General Membership Meeting, Special Elections took place to fill five vacant offices. The results of voting are as follows: 

Gail Kruvand – 52
Gary Lasley – 4

HEARING BOARD – 2 elected
Michael Arnold – 49
Marcy Vaj – 45

Leslie Baker – 15

ELECTION BOARD – 2 elected
Paul Castillo – 41
Clifford Tasner – 35

Oliver Theess – 26

Thank you to all nominees and members who participated in the Special Elections, and congratulations to all of our newly elected officials!

Notice of Special Election to Fill Vacancy on Executive Board

A special election to fill a vacancy on the Executive Board, currently held temporarily by P. Blake Cooper as appointed by the Board, will take place at the next General Membership Meeting on July 22, 2019. Please click here to review the full meeting agenda.

For information on Vacancies and Special Elections, please refer to Articles IX and X of the AFM Local 47 Bylaws, available in the members section of our website or upon request from the Secretary/Treasurer’s Office. Continue reading