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Symphonic Jazz Orchestra: Music in the Schools

Keeping classical & jazz alive one classroom at a time

by Linda A. Rapka

A self-proclaimed torchbearer for its uniquely innovative hybrid art, the Symphonic Jazz Orchestra proudly stands as the only orchestra in the nation dedicated solely to blending the worlds of jazz and classical music. Since its founding in 2001, the 67-piece orchestra has commissioned 13 new works and performed seven world premieres, along with three U.S. premieres. Each year SJO presents a free symphonic jazz concert for the community at the Carpenter Performing Arts center at Cal State Long Beach, and this year’s concert in March included a rare arrangement of “Rhapsody in Blue” with Grammy Award-winning pianist Bill Cunliffe. Continue reading

April 2019 Overture Online: SJO – Music in the Schools

Overture Online
April 2019

SJO: Music in the Schools
Orchestra brings music 
education to inner-city youth 

Musicians Take on Streaming at Motion Picture/TV Film Negotiations 
Fight continues as contract is extended

Member Spotlight: Maki Mae Hsieh
Local 47 musician named 2019 Woman of the Year

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