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Orchestration Classes with Dr. Norman Ludwin

Norman 2015

Free courses for all Local 47 members

RSVP: 323.993.3179, jeff.surga@promusic47.org

Orchestration I: July 18-Sept 5, 2015

Participants are introduced to orchestral instruments and their usage. Two areas are covered: instrumentation, which deals with the construction, sound production, range, notation, and playing techniques of each instrument; and orchestration, which is the actual process of scoring music for orchestra. Groups of instruments examined include brass, strings, woodwinds, keyboards, harp, and percussion. Class sessions involve score study, instrumental demonstrations, and performance and discussion of student assignments. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of music fundamentals; e.g. notes, keys, scales, meter, etc. RSVP: 323.993.3179, jeff.surga@promusic47.org

Orchestration II: Sept 12-Oct 31, 2015

Students will learn composition and elements of form by looking at contemporary styles of music, score study, analysis of different composers’ methods of orchestration, score reduction (e.g. learning how to reduce an orchestral score to a piano part, or reducing to a five-line staff), and possible guest lecturers. The ending course project is a recording of students’ original compositions by the Symphony 47 orchestra.