Vice President Special Election Results

At the Jan. 24, 2022 Local 47 General Membership Meeting, a Special Election to fill the vacancy for Vice President took place. The results of voting are as follows: 

  • Marc Sazer: 51 (Winner)
  • Kirstin Fife: 38
  • Bonnie Janofsky: 22

Per Local 47 bylaws, Article X Section 6. Balloting: When a Special Election is scheduled at a General Meeting, each member shall receive a ballot at the time of being admitted to the meeting. If there should be only one nominee for any office, that nominee shall be declared elected by acclamation. If there are multiple nominees, voting shall be conducted by secret ballot, with ballots deposited in locked ballot boxes. Votes may be cast only for those duly nominated and write-in votes shall not be allowed. At the conclusion of the balloting, or at the end of the meeting at the direction of the chair, the Election Board shall tally the ballots and certify the winners. A member elected under the provisions of this Section shall assume office immediately following Election Board certification and shall hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term. All ballots cast for an election to fill a vacancy shall be retained by the Election Board for one year following the date of certification.

– AFM Local 47 Election Board