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NEW! Contract Signatory Packets - Toolkits!

Designed to assist employers, local officers, administrators, as well as rank-and-file musicians, it is our hope that the step-by-step procedures and information found in these packets will help simplify the process of filing new work under AFM contracts.

The EMD administers recording contracts negotiated between the AFM and production companies in various mediums. These recording contracts cover the whole communications spectrum including broadcast and non-broadcast media. The major types of agreements are for records/CDs, motion pictures, television films, TV variety programs, commercial announcements (jingles), radio, non-broadcast industrial films, videocassettes, and interactive media.

Musicians in recording studios


Contact 323.993.3143 or email



Motion Picture/Television Film

Sound Recording


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Video Games

AFM Video Game/Interactive Media Agreement

For more information about video games, contact AFM Contract Administrator Mary Beth Blakey: 818-565-3400 ext. 212, email

Do Not Work For:

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