Live TV/Videotape

Television/Videotape Agreement

The Television/Videotape Agreement covers work done for live TV programs initially aired over a broadcast network, in syndication, or over streaming platforms. These programs include variety shows, news, game shows, talk shows, daytime serials, live musicals, awards shows and sports broadcasts.

Dramatic and non-dramatic programs such as episodic series and movies of the week initially aired on the networks in syndication or in streaming, are covered by the Television Film Agreement which is found on our Motion Picture/TV Film webpage.

Basic Cable Television Agreement

The Basic Cable Television Agreement covers Musicians engaged for the production of programs for basic cable television whether live or dramatic.

"Pay Cable or Non-Standard (Pay) Television" occurs in instances where a separate channel is provided for which the subscriber pays a separate fee (which fee is a major charge relative to other charges made to the subscriber) for that channel, and/or instances where the subscriber pays a fee for an encoded telecast, which fee is a major charge relative to other fees paid for encoded telecasts.

"Standard Television" shall mean non-pay, UHF or VHF broadcast television in the United States or Canada transmitted by means of a broadcast station licensed by the appropriate governmental body intended for intelligible reception by the general public by means of standard home antennas.

Public Television Agreement (aka PBS Agreement)

The National Public Television Agreement covers Musicians engaged for the production of public television programming or in producing programs for educational usage, whether captured live or recorded for later broadcast. This agreement also contains provisions covering productions that are made for streaming.

Designed to assist employers, local officers, administrators, as well as rank-and-file Musicians, it is our hope that the step-by-step procedures and information found in this packet will help simplify the process of filing new work under AFM contracts.

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