Working on a jingle? The AFM will work with you to get the best wages and benefits. The union negotiates and administers the Commercial Announcements Agreement to represent musicians who are engaged to record the music in jingles. The AFM works with a wide range of creative advertising agencies and music production houses to implement the agreement.

When a musician is hired under our union agreement to record music for a commercial jingle, he or she will be paid according to a negotiated wage scale that sets an hourly wage, pension contributions and health & welfare benefits.

When an original recording is incorporated into commercial jingles, the musicians who originally performed the work are paid a "new-use" fee equivalent to the one-hour minimum call session fee, as well as pension and health & welfare benefits that would have been paid if the musicians had come into the studio to record music specifically for commercial jingles. This "new-use" payment applies to all types of original recorded music, including phonograph records, CDs, film scores and TV themes.

Designed to assist employers, local officers, administrators, as well as rank-and-file musicians, it is our hope that the step-by-step procedures and information found in this packet will help simplify the process of filing new work under AFM contracts.

Commercial Announcements Agreement (CAA) Signatory Packet

Contact: 323.678.2792, jingles@afm47.org

Forms & Scales

Commercial Announcements Scale Summary

AFM B-6 Report Form - Television and Radio Commercial Announcements

B-6 Continuation

Music Prep Scales

Music Prep Report Form

Letter of Acceptance*

To request a Single Project Letter of Acceptance, please call 323.993.3125.

Assumption Agreement Commercials*
Used to transfer Union obligations to the entitiy that will control/air the project. Relieves the original signatory from future re-use obligations.

For Music Prep charts, please log in.

* Please note: assumption agreements and letters of acceptance must be sent to AFM for counter signature: emd@afm47.org

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