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AFM Local 47 2020 Election Returns

Congratulations to all candidates, and thank you to all members who voted, in our 2020 Local 47 General Election.

AFM Local 47 2020 Election Returns*

Stephanie O’Keefe – 743
Marc Sazer – 499

Rick Baptist – 738
Mike Merritt – 501

Danita Ng-Poss – 526
Gary Lasley – 459
Lydia Reinebach – 231 Continue reading

Newly Re-Elected Executive Board Sworn in at 2019 Inaugural Meeting

(BURBANK, CA – JANUARY 15, 2019) The newly re-elected members of the AFM Local 47 Executive Board for the 2019-2020 term were officially sworn in today during the Executive Board Meeting.

Los Angeles County Federation of Labor President Rusty Hicks administered the oath of office to the Board before our membership at the Inaugural Meeting on the evening of Jan. 14 (held as an informational meeting due to lack of quorum). Continue reading

Nominating Petitions Available Aug. 1

The next AFM Local 47 General Election takes place Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018.

Nominating petitions will be available from the Secretary/Treasurer’s office as of Wednesday, Aug. 1, 2018.

All completed nominating petitions must be delivered to the Secretary’s Office, in exchange for a signed and dated receipt, no later than Friday, Sept. 14, 2018. Continue reading

Local 47 Election News: All candidates unopposed, elected by acclamation

For the first time in recent history, all candidates who submitted nominating petitions for the 2016 Local 47 General Election were unopposed. In accordance with Article IX, Section 1 of the AFM Local 47 Bylaws, the Election Board declares that all of the following candidates, running on the slate of John Acosta, are hereby elected by acclamation*:

President (1): John Acosta

Vice President (1): Rick Baptist

Secretary/Treasurer (1): Gary Lasley

Trustees (3): Judy Chilnick, Dylan Hart, Bonnie Janofsky

Directors (6): Pam Gates, John Lofton, Andy Malloy, Phil O’Connor, Bill Reichenbach, Vivian Wolf

Hearing Board (7): Alan Estes, Jon Kurnick, Jeff Lass, Norman Ludwin, Helen Nightengale, Allen Savedoff, Marc Sazer

Delegates to the AFM Convention** (3): Pam Gates, Bonnie Janofsky, Norman Ludwin

First Alternate Delegate (1): Phil O’Connor

Second Alternate Delegate (1): Vivian Wolf

Congratulations to all of these candidates, and thank you for your willingness to serve the membership of our Union!

Election Board: Mark Zimoski (chair, mzimos@gmail.com, 818-997-7225), Marie Matson, Paul Sternhagen, Stephen Green, Scott Higgins, Nick Stone, Kris Mettala Continue reading

Los Angeles Musicians Elect New Union Leadership

Download pdf

AFM Local 47 members vote in John Acosta as President, Rick Baptist as VP

John Acosta

John Acosta

LOS ANGELES, CA (Dec. 16, 2014) — Members of the American Federation of Musicians Local 47 have elected new leadership, with current vice president John Acosta rising rank as the union’s new president.

Replacing Acosta as vice president and joining the Local 47 executive board for the first time is veteran studio musician Rick Baptist. Gary Lasley will serve a third term as secretary/treasurer. Acosta succeeds Vince Trombetta, who has been president of the Los Angeles musicians union since 2009. All three titled officers ran unopposed in the Local 47 general election held on Dec. 9. Continue reading

Local 47 2014 Election Returns

Congratulations to all candidates for office, and thank you to all members who voted, in the 2014 Local 47 General Election.

Local 47 2014 Election Returns*

John Acosta   362

Rick Baptist   343

Gary Lasley   344

TRUSTEE (Elect Three)
Judy Chilnick   327
Bonnie Janofsky   303
Dylan Hart   296

DIRECTOR (Elect Six)
Pam Gates   263
Bill Reichenbach   255
Phil O’Connor   252
Vivian Wolf   239
Andy Malloy   232
John Lofton   219

Marcy Vaj   188
Jeff Surga   128

Alan Estes   273
Allen Savedoff   265
Norman Ludwin   261
Chuck Flores   258
Jon Kurnick   247
Marc Sazer   230
Jeff Lass   206

Pam Gates   309
Bonnie Janofsky   294
Norman Ludwin   291

Phil O’Connor   342

Vivian Wolf   322

* These are the results of tallying by the California Elections Company of ballots cast by eligible voters of the Local 47 general membership in the Biennial General Election held Dec. 9, 2014. Certification and declaration of the election by the Election Board is pending per Article IX, Section 16 of the Local 47 Bylaws.

Reminder to Candidates: Campaign statements & photos due Sept. 25

Candidates running in the 2014 Local 47 General Election are reminded that their 100-word campaign statement and photo for inclusion in the November 2014 issue of Overture are due to the Secretary/Treasurer’s office no later than Thursday, Sept. 25. Please refer to Article IX, Section 12 of the Local 47 Bylaws (with amendments through July 2014). The Bylaws are available to read online by logging into your afm47.org member account or by request from the Secretary/Treasurer’s office: 323.993.3159.

Reminder From the Election Board:
The Local 47 Election Board reminds nominees to review Article IX, Sections 2, 4 and 6 of the Bylaws, which were revised in 2011.