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Final Notes: Neil LeVang

Neil LeVangLife Member. Violin
(1932 – 2015)

By Mark LeVang, son

My father, Neil LeVang, the noted studio guitarist whose list of credits includes hundreds of television and film dates as well as a 23-year career with the Lawrence Welk Orchestra, died at home, peacefully in his sleep on Jan. 26. He was 83. Continue reading

Final Note: Donald Waldrop

Note TreeLife Member. Bass Trombone

By Miles Anderson

As many of you may know, Don was an excellent all-round musician capable of performing in quite diverse musical genres. Today, this ability is pretty much taken for granted, but 40 years ago, not so much. Don was also ahead of his time in doubling on bass trombone and tuba. Today, it’s an economic necessity. (He was also an outstanding copyist of the pre-Finale era.) Don’s curiosity and intelligence went well beyond music, and contributed much to our lively friendship. RIP Don. 

Final Note: John Haig Bilezikjian

John BilezikjianLife Member. Oud

By Miamon Miller

I first saw John Bilezikjian perform some 40 years ago and have been fortunate to play with him many times over the past 25 years.  We must have worked at least 100 jobs together, and over that span I never heard him play a wrong note or a note out of time.  Continue reading

March 2015 In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Raymond D. Acton
Life Member. Horn
8/8/1921 – 12/7/2014
Survived by daughter

John H. Bilezikjian
Life Member. Oud
2/1/1948 – 1/19/2015
Survived by spouse & children

Boniface “Buddy” De Franco
Life Member. Saxophone
2/17/1923 – 12/24/2014
Survived by spouse & family

Travis Warren
Life Member. Piano
7/30/1927 – 2/3/2015
Survived by spouse & children