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Musicians Rally at Disney Studios on Disney+ Launch Day to Demand Streaming Residuals

BURBANK, CA (Nov. 12, 2019) — On Tuesday, film and television musicians marked the launch of Disney’s new streaming service Disney+ with a large rally outside the company’s Burbank studios to demand a fair contract for streaming that includes residuals, set wages, and screen credits. Continue reading

EMD Report: Residuals and Royalties

by Roxanne Castillo, Esq.

I have been receiving many calls asking how and when residuals and royalties are triggered and from where the money comes. Residuals and royalties flow from primary markets, secondary markets, and copyrights. Here is a quick guide to help you pinpoint how the money flows and to whom you should reach out if you suspect you are owed money but have yet to see a check. Continue reading

Free Webinar: Royalties, Residuals and Retirement

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