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Professional Musicians & Employer’s Health & Welfare Fund

Take Control of Your Health: Your Life Depends On It!

Taking care of yourself by exercising and eating well can make a big difference in your over-all health. If you are healthy, stay healthy by maintaining a lifestyle that promotes wellness.

It’s not easy to stop unhealthy habits and start healthy ones. Take baby steps; focus on one small area that you can improve. Adding exercise to your daily routine is one way to a healthier lifestyle.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) statistics show that only about half of all adults get enough aerobic physical activity to improve their health. Aerobic activities like brisk walking, running, swimming and bicycling make you breathe harder and make your heart and blood vessels healthier.

The Mayo Clinic reports that exercise can have important health benefits. People with chronic disease, such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, back or joint pain may find that exercise helps improve their symptoms.

Check with your doctor before starting any exercise program. Ask your doctor what type of exercise is best for you. After all, the healthier you are, the fewer doctors’ visits and the less out-of-pocket medical expenses you will incur over your lifetime!

Blue Shield of California is Here to Help

Blue Shield wants to help you stay fit and healthy by offering online assistance and discount programs.

Participants enrolled in Blue Shield through the Professional Musicians, Local 47 and Employers Health and Welfare Fund (the “Fund”) are eligible for these various wellness discounts. Remember, these are benefits that Blue Shield actually wants you to use! The healthier that Blue Shield insureds are, the less Blue Shield pays for medical care, pharmaceuticals, etc; in other words, everyone – you, the Fund, Blue Shield and even the government – saves dollars when folks are healthy.

Visit blueshieldca.com/wellnessdiscounts to find information on wellness discounts such as gym memberships, weight management programs, and much more. Create and account or log-in to an existing account to access all of the programs available to you. Your family, your pocketbook and your body will be happy you did!

Join the Wellvolution; select a program to start on the path to a healthier happier you by improving your well-being one small step at a time.

Kaiser Healthy Resources

Participants enrolled in Kaiser through the Fund can also get more out of their health plan by utilizing Kaiser’s online wellness tools. Again, the healthier you are, the less resources Kaiser has to devote to you and the less Kaiser has to charge for coverage.

Kaiser has many wellness programs from which to choose:

  • Visit kp.org/healthyliving for wellness information, health calculators, fitness videos, podcasts, and recipes from world-class chefs
  • Connect to better health with online programs to help you lose weight, quit smoking, reduce stress, and more — all at no cost. Learn more at kp.org/healthylifestyles
  • Sign up for health classes and support groups at many of our facilities. See what’s See what’s available near you at kp.org/classes — some may require a fee
  • Get help reaching your health goals. Work one-on-one with a wellness coach by phone at no cost. Find out more at kp.org/wellnesscoach
  • Enjoy reduced rates on services that can help you stay healthy — like gym memberships, massage therapy, and more. Explore your options at kp.org/choosehealthy
  • Shop for local produce, fresh flowers, and more at farmers markets at many of our facilities. Learn more and find healthy recipes at kp.org/foodforhealth

Remember, your life is as good as your health. Your health impacts all aspects of your life, your job, the way you relate to friends and family, your ability to do all the things you love. And, one more important factor of being healthy is, of course, keeping your medical costs affordable!

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