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January 2016 Overture Online: STAR WARS – The Orchestra Awakens

Overture Online
January 2016

Cover Story:
STAR WARS – The Orchestra Awakens


The Time Is NOW! Ballots Due Feb. 1
Updates on the Mail Referendum to authorize the sale of the Vine Street property

Musicians Demonstrate Against Exploitation
Legislators and dozens of labor community supporters call for fair treatment of musicians

Player Conference Updates
Reports from RMALA, ROPA & TMA SoCal

CD Spotlight
‘Songs of Hope’ by Karolina Naziemiec

The Good Dinosaur
Mychael and Jeff Danna score Pixar’s latest film

and more!
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Winter 2016 Overture Magazine
Local 47 members will have now received the print magazine in the mail. These print issues contain additional news not found in the public Overture Online, such as Resolutions to amend the bylaws, member status updates, and other announcements. If you are a member in good standing and didn’t receive your print copy, email us or view it online by logging in to your member account at afm47.org.

Happy Birthday to Us! Local 47 turns 118

1941_11 Nov - 47 is 47_Page_1

On March 15, 2015, Local 47 turns 118. To celebrate, here’s a look back at the humble beginnings of the musicians union of Los Angeles.

While searching the Local’s archives last month we stumbled upon the November 1941 issue of the Overture which featured an article by former president C. L. Bagley titled “47 is 47: Local No. 47 Has a Birthday.” Therein Bagley described in detail some interesting historical aspects of the very beginnings of our union, much of which is shared in this post. Click on the images in this post to view scans of the original documents.

On March 15, 1897, Local 47’s charter and affiliation was approved by the American Federation of Musicians. This monumental day marked the end of a long struggle musicians in Los Angeles who tried, then failed, and ultimately succeeded succeeded in effectively organizing with the union we belong to today. Continue reading

Bing Crosby, Maestro Burns Named Members of Local 47 (from the archives)

1941_04_April_Bing Crosby

#TBT – This Throwback Thursday post goes WAY back: This article originally appeared in the April 1941 issue of the AFM Local 47 Overture!


Members of Local 47 take a great deal of pleasure in welcoming two of the finest gentlemen they know into their Association: Bing Crosby and Bob Burns. Continue reading

Then and Now: The Evolution of Overture

Overture front page covers from the Local 47 Archive

Overture front page covers from the Local 47 Archive

by Linda A. Rapka

From newsletter to magazine to newspaper — and soon to be digital electronic publication and print quarterly color magazine — the publication has undergone quite a few transformations since its inception. By venturing down into the Local 47 archives, we can take a journey back in time to discover how the Overture began all those years ago. Continue reading

Stop the Presses! Overture Going Digital

overture online

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With the January 2015 issue of Overture comes a special announcement: The official publication of AFM Local 47 is going digital!

Starting next month, we are re-launching as a monthly electronic publication. In addition to continuing to offer union news and musicians’ stories monthly in this new and wider-reaching online format, we will continue to also preserve the legacy of print by providing Local 47 members with a newly redesigned, full-color magazine each quarter. Continue reading