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Keeping the Score in CA: Tax Credit Committee Update

Musicians Chris Anderson-Bazzoli and Blake Cooper with Assemblywoman Wendy Carrillo at a recent legislative visit in support of a California music-scoring tax credit.

Last year we had a bill, AB 1300 (Calderon), which was narrowly focused on modifying the existing Tax Credit Program to include a music-scoring tax credit.

This year, a new bill, AB 1734 (Calderon), aims to renew the entire Film and TV Tax Credit Program. We are working with Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon on how to include language in the overall renewal that will address the loss of jobs in the scoring industry. Continue reading

Musicians join thousands in Los Angeles at Women’s March 2018

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Local 47 musicians & union members joined hundreds of thousands at the 2018 Women’s March Los Angeles.

Activists converged on downtown the morning of Jan. 20 marching from Pershing Square to City Hall as part of the second annual Women’s March, the largest of dozens of similar protests held around the nation.

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Women’s March Los Angeles 2018

Saturday, January 20th, 2018
9 a.m. – Pershing Square, Downtown Los Angeles

One year ago musicians made history by being part of the largest demonstration ever in Los Angeles. This year we will make our voices (and instruments) heard in the streets AND at the ballot box.

Musicians are taking a leadership role among entertainment unions: turning activism into political power for working people. Join us as we kick off a new year.

FCC Just Moved Closer to Destroying Net Neutrality

Today the FCC voted to move forward with Chairman Ajit Pai’s proposal to dismantle net neutrality. This means that his plan, ironically called “Restoring Internet Freedom,” will now open for public comment and is one step closer to being implemented.

Join The Nation, Free Press Action Fund, and other allies in demanding that the FCC leave net neutrality alone. Then sign up for a strategy call organized by Free Press Action Fund for Tuesday, May 23, to find out how else you can fight back. Continue reading

Statement from AFM Local 47 President John Acosta On White House Proposal to Cut National Endowment of the Arts



“Music brings people together; it touches our hearts and it moves us in ways that are difficult to quantify. The White House’s proposal to drastically cut the National Endowment for the Arts is misguided and poorly considered. It will have a negligible impact on the federal budget, but it will have a palpable impact on communities across the country.

“On average, every dollar the national endowment awards triggers nine dollars in matching funds from state, local, and charitable contributions, making it one of the most effective federal agencies we have. The programs funded by the NEA help promote arts and music education for underprivileged youth and they help bring programs to communities that can’t always support the arts on their own.

“At the American Federation of Musicians Local 47, we want to ensure that communities across the country continue to benefit from the enrichment and value that art brings into our lives, and we will work to maintain and expand federal funding for the NEA.”

– AFM Local 47 President John Acosta

Learn more about musicians’ efforts to preserve the National Endowment of the Arts.