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Musicians of the Pasadena Symphony visit Congressman Adam Schiff

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Today a group of musicians from the Pasadena Symphony visited the office of U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff.

“The musicians of the Pasadena Symphony have made a new friend with Congressman Adam Schiff,” said Phil O’Connor, clarinetist and member of the orchestra committee. “We believe this will help improve our community’s support for our orchestra and other American Federation of Musicians Local 47 members.” Continue reading

Thank you from the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra

fullsizerenderMusicians of the Pasadena Symphony wore blue ribbons during their performance last Saturday night in a show of unity to demonstrate their resolve to reach a fair contract.

As these professional musicians took the stage, they saw hundreds of audience members wearing ribbons, too. Many donors and longtime supporters of the orchestra demonstrated their support and appreciation for the performers by wearing a ribbon and encouraging musicians to win a good contract. Continue reading

Meet the Musicians of the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra: Lisa Gass

Lisa Gass: Master Bass Crafter

Lisa GassPasadena Symphony Orchestra member Lisa Gass not only knows how to play the bass – she knows how to build one.

The founding owner of Los Angeles Bass Works since 1984, Lisa showed an early aptitude for wood sculpture as a child after she received woodworking tools as a birthday gift. By age 13, having toyed around with piano and violin, she decided her true love was the string bass. Continue reading

Meet the musicians of the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra

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Meet the musicians of the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra!

The Pasadena Symphony Orchestra has been one of the top performing symphonic ensembles in southern California for 80 years.

With extensive credits in the film, television, recording and orchestral industry, the Pasadena Symphony Orchestra is comprised of some of the most gifted and sought after musicians in the world.

Musicians are currently in the midst of negotiations and are working hard to achieve a new and fair employment contract.

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